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Remote Imaging & Hosting Services

Telescope hosting & remote imaging services from our Prodromos Observatory!

Host your telescope at our state-of-the-art facility featuring a remotely operated roll-off roof, 24/7 surveillance and remote access. Symmetrical Internet connection and most of all: Clear & Dark Skies!

  • Altitude: 1412m

  • SQM: 21.38 MPSAS avg

Data Subscription

Do you want to produce amazing astroimages for as low as €19 per month?

Then our new subscription service is for you!

  • Sign up and choose your first target

  • Instant access to growing database of celestial objects

  • 4632ft above sea level under dark & clear skies

  • 300+ clear nights per year

  • Continuous optimisation and upgrading

  • 24/7 CCTV & All - Sky

Equipment specs:

RC 250 10" f/8 (f/5.3 reduced, GSO Carbon Truss)

Celestron CGX-L guided


Astrophysics 0.67x reducer

Imaging resolution 0.71"/px

Continuously upgraded & optimised to ensure peak performance


€19,00 per month

Access to all FITS files via Drive

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A Research Telescope hosted at our Facility.